Large autoclaves for hospitals

Tuttnauer offers three lines of large CSSD sterilizers ranging in size and application: the Horizontal line, the T-Max line and the HS line. All autoclaves are available with single or double doors.

Low Temp Plasma Sterilizer

An efficient low temperature sterilizer for heat & moisture sensitive equipment used in Hospitals, Operating Rooms, and Gastroenterology & Respiratory Endoscopy Clinics.  PlazMax enables increased productivity, reduced risk of work stoppage, and efficient supply of sterilized equipment where it’s needed.

GS Hospital Autoclaves

Hospital grade sterile processings on a limited budget is available to Hospital CSSD, OR, and Medical Centers. The GS Autoclave is a high quality hospital autoclave, providing reliable, heavy-duty performance with a rounded chamber and coiled jacket which allow for a more affordable sterilizer.

CSSD washer-disinfectors

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Fast and effective disinfection of surgical instruments in preparation for sterilization.  Washing chambers are designed with smooth edges and rounded corners for high cleanability, with high quality corrosion proof AISI 316 stainless steel.

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